TRANSPARENCY across all of your assets

Tools and solutions to help you accurately assess the true value of your entire portfolio

Regulators, investors and auditors demand greater clarity about the value of your investment and trading portfolios. Our award-winning, independent, validated, best of breed pricing and reference data help you assess, demonstrate and document your holdings with proven accuracy and complete transparency.


We also deliver solutions that help you certify pricing for assets or instruments that are traded Over The Counter (OTC) or are highly illiquid.

In addition to this highly valued pricing content, we also offer a range of referential content sets that help our customers power their related databases, workflows, systems and applications.


In today's regulatory environment, it's not enough to comply. You must demonstrate and document. Our solutions enable you to clearly show the methodologies used, create a clear audit trail confirming how you calculated an asset's value, the market data you used, it's suitability for levelling purposes and what methodology they employed.

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