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Thomson Reuters delivers the most comprehensive market and reference data to the global financial and investment management community. Thomson Reuters is an originator, consolidator and value add re-distributor of security and financial instrument data with hundreds of sources and partners. The flexibility and breadth of our coverage fits virtually any enterprise or application data requirement.

Thomson Reuters Reference Data provides full terms and conditions data, including ratings and descriptive content, for each asset type. We maintain extensive market-level and issue-level industry standard numbering codes associated with each equity instrument including official clearing code identifiers for easy cross-referencing, linking and integration.

  • ISIN
  • CINs
  • Wertpapier
  • SICC
  • Local
  • Exchange codes (MIC/OPOL)
  • Classifications such as GICS
  • Thomson Reuters proprietary (Thomson Reuters Instrument Codes)
  • Thomson Reuters internal system-generated company level
  • Issue Level Codes
  • All futures and options carry underlying Thomson Reuters Instrument Codes

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