Everyday we are providing clients like you with the valuation services they need to price a range of instruments (complex, standard, OTC, liquid and iliquid), so that they can value their portfolios, power their trading and compliance workflows; and ultimately ensure that they can get the maximum return from their investments.

If you are exploring what data you need and would like to talk to someone about a coverage check or to simply obtain a sample of our valuations data then please click here and contact us. We are here to help you obtain the best return possible from the pricing and valuations data you subscribe to. 



Thomson Reuters Pricing Service:
One of the award winning services we provide is the Thomson Reuters Pricing Service (TRPS). This is an independent global pricing service covering over 2.6 million fixed income securities, derivatives and bank loans. It is used by 1000s of firms like yours everyday around the world. If you would like to speak to someone about this world class service then simply click here and contact us.

Coverage & Asset Classes:
As you would expect from a leading provider, our coverage spans all the major financial markets and asset classes (including CDS, CLO, ABS, CMBS, RMBS, Fixed Income, Equities and more), instruments and issuers. Our prices are available at multiple times daily. Furthermore our proprietary TRPS evaluations, provide subscribers like you with extra transparency and market insights and support that you need to price complex, illiquid and/or OTC instruments.

Intraday Evaluated Pricing:  
All government and corporate bond prices are updated throughout the day, Monday through Friday. The global team of over 175 TRPS evaluators update credit spreads and bond prices throughout the day. Spreads are obtained from trade prices, dealer quotes, and the primary market. Intraday prices are benchmark-adjusted throughout the day, incorporating a yield derived from the latest TRPS price recipe and appropriate benchmark point which “ticks” continuously 24/5 around the globe. To ensure accuracy, evaluators perform stringent quality checks throughout the day.

Overall our valued pricing and reference content helps our customers like you to better support their risk mitigation, portfolio management, fund administration, compliance workflows and to outperform their peers on a daily basis.

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Did You Know? The following about our valuation and pricing services?


  • Comprehensive coverage: Our pricing service covers 2.6 million over-the-counter (OTC) fixed income and derivative instruments
  • Full-scale pricing service: Strict validation processes are in place to monitor tolerance breaks, unchanged prices, broker quote consistency and data integrity. Market color is actively monitored throughout the day and applied as appropriate to our evaluations
  • Faster delivery: Evaluations are delivered multiple times per day including standard market snapshot times
  • Expert team: Our evaluated pricing service is delivered by a team of more than 100 experts located around the globe, who are in constant contact with market participants


  • Meet regulatory and accounting standards: Professional, experienced evaluators apply consistent and transparent pricing methodologies, reflecting up-to-date market standards and procedures
  • Direct access to our experts: Pricing specialists and evaluation staff are on hand to discuss pricing methodology, challenges and price discrepancies with you
  • Truly independent pricing: Thomson Reuters is a completely independent third party pricing provider with no conflicts of interest as the company does not originate, issue, trade, buy, sell or position these instruments

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