Pillar I of Solvency II sets rules for the amount of capital that EU insurance companies must hold to reduce the risk of insolvency, which requires greater levels of disclosure and transparency. These capital calculations are then carried over to the reporting and documenting template set forth by Pillar III. The requirements are complex, and heavy fines are in place to ensure accurate calculations.

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Determine and Document the Solvency Capital Requirements (SCR)
In order to accurately evaluate these obligations, you must:

  • Continuously calculate how much capital your institution needs to hold using fund look-through to identify underlying instruments - Solvency Capital Requirements (SCR)
  • Utilize fund look-through calculations to complete Quantitative Report Templates (QRT)

This means you must now provide data for each collective investment – a particularly intricate challenge if you have diverse portfolios and pooled investments. The contents of funds need to be identified and classified by asset and issuer across multiple asset managers and then aggregated.

Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Holdings for Solvency II provides all the data necessary to allow you to identify the holdings and aggregate the information with your non-Fund Holdings to correctly assess risk.

  • Reduce SCR with an accurate and transparent view of assets across fund holdings: Lipper data, our comprehensive collective investment content provides unrivaled coverage of funds and depth of fund details. Lipper covers over 265,000 collective investments including mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETFs, hedge funds, domestic retirement funds, pension funds, and insurance products in 61 Registered for Sale (RFS) countries.
  • Find collective investment vehicles/fund holdings data (look-through data) Thomson Reuters Fund Holdings for Solvency II gives you an accurate view of your exposures. It provides access to our leading Lipper global fund holdings database for holdings. This fund holdings content from Lipper is enriched with additional security-level information such as CIC codes and other industry classifications, which will help to correctly aggregate risk exposure.

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Thomson Reuters offers a full scale solution for managing the Pillar I and III requirements to Solvency II.

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