Solvency II

In light of the guidelines set down for financial institutions by the Basel Committee on banking supervision, the Solvency II regulatory insurance framework and the advice from the European Insurance and Occupational Authority (EIOPA): Insurers and their asset servicers are now obliged to have a deeper understanding of the trading and investment risks that they have entered into and/or are connected to and the levels of capital that they need to keep in reserve. 

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No longer can related firms solely focus their attention on the potential returns they may obtain, but must now actively consider their risk exposure to their current and future investments, over prolonged periods of time and must ensure that they have sufficient capital reserves to meet any potential risks that they may face at any stage during the agreed timeframe.

In many cases the obligation to provide this data is falling to asset servicers such as Asset Managers, Fund Administrators and Custodians in addition to third party vendors who support differing Insurers:

  • ASSET MANAGER must provide verified reports of the funds assets -look through approach
  • CUSTODIAN & FUND ADMINISTRATOR must provide asset & positions data for risk evaluation
  • INSURER must evaluate the capital required to cover its real risks & provide formatted reports quarterly

Solvency II - A New Regulatory Framework for the European Insurance Industry

Unlocking the Data Challenges

The Thomson Reuters Solvency II Data Service addresses these challenges by providing subscribers with access to the key data sets they need to suitably power their risk mitigation, capital adequacy and disclosure tools.


  • Methodology & model transparency on Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Structured Product coverage
  • Key evaluation fields for each underlying instruments: percentage weight, market value held, shares held of each instrument in the fund...


  • Full view of collective investment vehicles/Fund Holding data with our Lipper database
  • Aggregated data to correctly assess risk
  • Dedicated template for easy extraction & process automation


Solvency II Benchmark curves tailored to the insurance specific needs for accurate risk calculations


  • Security-level information including CIC codes
  • Additional industry classifications: LEI, NACE and CQS

To complement our specialist data sets, Thomson Reuters offers additional solutions such as risk modeling to meet the ORSA requirements with Thomson Reuters Accelus Risk Manager as well as dedicated Tax & Accounting services. Get the full picture here.


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