Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements mandate that asset managers monitor and report any breach in a threshold of ownership of the share capital or voting rights of a given issuer. But calculating percentage ownership creates a significant challenge due to the complexity of rules, high volume of disclosures, and the availability of accurate data on outstanding shares.

Thomson Reuters data includes 15 different types of total shares and total voting rights, allowing you to monitor your positions by providing an accurate denominator. In addition, we provide a comprehensive set of reference data integral to the numerator calculation process. Our data helps you meet the challenges presented by globally diverse regulations relating to Major, Short, Takeover and Industry Specific disclosure rules and thresholds. 

Our Shareholding Disclosures alllows you to monitor the threshold of ownership of a given issuer by providing you with accurate, quick and reliable access to:

  • Shares & Voting rights collected from over 150 reliable and timely sources, as well as regular filings from over 60,000 listed companies, providing coverage for 99 nations
  • Total shares and votes data at instrument and issuer level for all classes of shares relevant of deriving an accurate denominator (including unlisted share classes)
  • All share types covered (issued, listed, outstanding, treasury) at  instrument level and derived at issuer level
  • Reference data and analytics required to support disclosures (e.g. industry classifications, market segment identifiers, underlying asset details and ratio for derivatives and depository receipts, underlying/instrument/issuer hierarchies  and more)
  • Sources that align to where regulators enforce a specific source stipulation (e.g. in the Netherlands)
  • Total voting rights where nations allow variable voting rights per share dependent on holder circumstances (e.g. in France)

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