In 2014, the European Union (EU) and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued a number of executive orders and sectoral sanctions against Russia in retaliation for the Russian government's annexation of Crimea and activities to destabilize Ukraine. The EU and OFAC sanctions are an unprecedented event, where individual companies are being surgically targeted for sanctions in a market that is widely held by American and European investors.

The result of these sanctions creates a big impact on investment and trade compliance as financial institutions and infrastructure providers must ensure they do not trade specific new debt or equity issued by sanctioned entities. These sanctions also apply to any subsidiary of a sanctioned entity, which further complicates the tracking process. 


Thomson Reuters Russian Sanctions Tracking Service provides all the required information on sanctioned entities, their subsidiary relationships, and all instruments that are impacted by the sanctions. As a result, it enables you to make the best investments in Russian businesses, and to do so in accordance with the sanctions currently in place.

Key features

  • Proactive tracking of Sectoral Sanctions Identifications "SSIs" identified in OFAC/EU directives
  • Tracking of new instruments issued by SSIs-issued prior to July 16 (legal to trade) and those issued on or after July 16 (illegal to trade)
  • Regular refresh of entity and instrument sanctions list and proactive alerts for any new issues
  • Access to support analysts for specific queries and research
  • 20+ market analysts across the world, speaking 50 languages
  • Corporate relationships
  • Auditable sources
  • Quality control and quality assurance built into data collection processes

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With hundreds of research analysts based across all global regions and speaking more than 60 local languages, we go far beyond official sources:

  • 240+ countries and territories covered
  • 530+  sanctions, watch and regulatory list coverage
  • Specialist research: Terrorism, Organized Crime, Middle East
  • Extensive global media research; 100,000s sources

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