Providing you with trusted answers you need to meet your regulatory challenges.

Addressing the compliance and regulatory obligations of Basel, EMIR, AIFMD, Solvency II, MiFID II and more can seem like an extremely complex and daunting task.

Knowing how to be compliant, what data you need for reporting and/or how to power your risk mitigation & reporting systems, applications and /or workflows is challenging.

We have the trusted answers you need and more.

Thomson Reuters has developed a state of the art regulatory diagnosis tool and conduct an exclusive piece of market research that offers you the answers you need for the very first time!

    • Do you know how to reduce your regulatory compliance costs?
    • Do you know how your peers are re-purposing existing workflows?
    • Do you know how your peers are reducing their regulatory data costs and remaining compliant?
    • Do you know what data you need to comply with these regulations?

If you have answered no to any of the above questions, do not worry! Thomson Reuters in conjunction with our customers and partners has developed the first ever multi-regulatory diagnostic tool of its kind. The diagnosis portal has been designed to offer practioners a bespoke report tailored to your business, role and regulatory challenges. It will also provide all respondents with an exclusive copy of our latest market research and allow you to get the trusted answers you need.

To learn more, simply visit the portal or watch the 60 second video below and learn more. 

Our regulatory diagnosis tool has been designed with you in mind and will take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Make sure you take the time to get your bespoke report and find the trusted answers you need. 



Complete our easy-to-use multi-regulatory diagnostic tool now to receive a personalized report outlining which regulations affect you and actionable next steps.

Did you know that efforts to work strategically across regulations will increase at 88% of financial institutions over the next two years? Find out why and how organizations are tapping into the benefits of a harmonized approach to regulatory data management. Click here to learn more.