Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations refer to the ever-more complex due diligence financial institutions and corporates must carry out in order to verify business counterparts and ensure that they operate in a lawful, compliant manner.

The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) obligations go one step further - they are specifically aimed at preventing financial institutions from being used by criminal elements to launder money.

KYC / AML regulations are time-consuming to implement and costly to get wrong; firms that fail to undertake the appropriate due diligence and implement the right surveillence procedures face financial repercussions, heavy reputational damage and even imprisonment. 

Thomson Reuters delivers a comprehensive, robust set of services designed to help you identify and verify counterparts under KYC and AML.

We provide extensive, accurate counterparty and entity risk data, designed to give you clear visibility into the organization structures of entities around the world, their subsidiaries, joint ventures and affiliates. We also provide taxation flags, credit ratings and legal entity identifiers, helping you develop a fuller picture of who you're doing business with. 

Other services: Thomson Reuters ORG ID

Thomson Reuters Org ID is a streamlined managed service that collects, classifies and verifies a client's identiy. It is the only service to provide integrated screening and ongoing monitoring to detect changes in your legal entity status. 

Org ID facilitates the dissemination of important KYC documents to financial institutions. 

The Org ID secure portal facilitates the distribution of KRC documents to multiple authorised financial institutions, eliminating the duplicative work and controlling the excalating costs associated with responding to an increasing number of KYC due diligence requests.

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