With all the challenges and complexity of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) withholding beginning July 1, 2014, are you ready to identify which specific instruments are grandfathered and exempt from withholding?

Industry Challenges:

  • Identify which securities are subject to FATCA withholding and which are exempt
  • Identify grandfathered securities or contractual obligations
  • Define and monitor material modification of grandfathered obligations that would cause them to lose their exempted status
  • Establish processes to monitor material modifications
  • Integrate the Grandfathered Obligation status into the withholding process

Thomson Reuters is your critical partner to help you manage this regulatory change. Our new FATCA GO solution combines market-leading content widely used by organizations around the world. You will have access to a full securities report identifying which securities are eligible for exemption and which are grandfathered, providing you with a complete view and eliminating the need to create your own development program to identify GO flags.

Thomson Reuters FATCA GO filters over 12 million active records to determine which securities are grandfathered. It integrates the grandfathered obligation status into the withholding process. Thomson Reuters FATCA GO solution is powered by the Thomson Reuters DataScope Suite, the strategic data delivery platform for non-streaming content globally.

Thomson Reuters provides the market with the most comprehensive range of FATCA solutions available; offering a specialist set of FATCA Pricing and Reference Data Feeds, Tax and Accounting Consultancy Services, and Governance & Risk Models.

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