Capital Requirements Directive

The Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) was developed to support the transfer of Basel III capital adequacy and liquidity standards into European law. This enhanced set of requirements demand European financial institutions hold more, higher-quality capital in reserve. CRD also introduces more stringent rules on liquidity, leverage requirements and counterparty risk.

Tough new reporting requirements are impacting all European financial institutions, especially those in risk and compliance functions.

Thomson Reuters can help.

We offer extensive data and workflow tools that give you the information you need to value your portfolios, meet cpaital requirements and monitor risk. Our solutions make reporting easier, more efficient and less cumbersome. 

Thomson Reuters is helping clients to meet data and valuation challenges associated with the Capital Requirements Directive. 

Thomson Reuters Pricing Service is an award-winning independent, evaluated pricing service covering over 2.5 million fixed income securities, OTC derivatives and hard-to-value assets. It provides trading entities and financial institutions with the information they need to value illiquid securities, maintain adequate capital reserves and manage adequate capital reserves and manage ongoing liquidity and leverage reporting requirements. 

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NEW! In order to better understand what regulatory data you need to comply with CRD, how you can lower your regulatory data spend and comply with multiple regulations like CRD at the same time, we have created a free regulatory data solutions diagnosis tool which aims to do just that!

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