Basel III is one of the most complex and demanding regulatory regimes to have emerged from the financial crisis. With capital adequacy and liquidity at its core, Basel III requires that banks and other financial institutions adopt a more rigorous approach to managing operational, market and trade risk, and maintaining stability. 

Is your firm meeting the challenges associated with Basel III?

With regulators paying close attention to the way firms manage and market counterparty risk, how they price assets and the data inputs they use, financial institutions cannot ignore the need for more robust data and valuation frameworks. 

Thomson Reuters can help.

We provide a number of solutions designed to help you comply with Basel III reforms, including:

  • Comprehensive and timely exchange data from our network of brokers and third party contributors, such as trade prices, volatilities, credit risk, market expectations of future rates, benchmark curves and spreads of benchmarks
  • Securities and issuer classifications allowing you to group assets into different risk categories
  • Fully maintained Entity Risk Data (including LEIs) covering approximately 1 million entities across 250 markets, that can feed into your credit and risk management reporting systems
  • Thomson Reuters Pricing Service - an independent, evaluated pricing service for hard-to-value securities that let you value illiquid financial instruments and make sure you're holding the right amount of reserve capital
  • Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator - a powerful workflow solution designed to automate data validation processes and streamline portfolio valuation

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