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Thomson Reuters delivers the most comprehensive reference data to the global financial and investment management community. Thomson Reuters is an originator, consolidator and value add re-distributor of security and financial instrument data with hundreds of sources and partners. The flexibility and breadth of our coverage fits virtually any enterprise or application data requirement.

Through Thomson Reuters DataScope, we provide access to timely, superior quality data sets covering every asset class globally. The coverage includes end-of-day prices from 180+ exchanges, spot rates on 175 currencies and corporate actions on over 50,000 companies globally. Fixed-income coverage includes governments, corporates, loans, convertibles, high yields, municipals and asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities; in addition, we provide rich content across derivatives, money/foreign exchange and warrants.

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Thomson Reuters Entity Risk is the most complete and comprehensive data source available for understanding complex corporate structures. With a universe of over 1 million entities across 250 markets and complete cross asset integration, the platform gives you clear visibility into the organisational structures of parent entities, their subsidiaries, joint ventures and affiliates in a hierarchical view. Ease the burden of compliance by meeting global regulatory obligations and mitigate your risk exposure through cross-asset instruments and Countries of Risk integration for a linked 360-degree view of exposure.


Provides full terms and conditions data, including ratings and descriptive content, for each asset type. We maintain extensive market-level and issue-level industry standard numbering codes associated with each equity instrument including official clearing code identifiers (SEDOL, CUSIP, ISIN, CINs, Wertpapier, SICC, Local Exchange codes MIC/OPOL), Classifications such as GICS, Thomson Reuters proprietary (Thomson Reuters Instrument Codes), Thomson Reuters internal system-generated company level, issue level codes, and all futures and options carry underlying Thomson Reuters Instrument Codes for easy cross-referencing, linking and integration.


Corporate Actions data spans 93 countries, over 200 exchanges, approximately 94,000 companies, and more than 15 years’ history for all mature markets. Data delivery is intra-day and measured on a four-hourly target, from source to database entry. Delivery format includes fixed format and ISO 15022.

  • 5–10 years of history for emerging markets with comprehensive list of fields
  • Same-day event coverage from announcement to completion


  • Access to over 8.5 million active and retired securities
  • Terms and conditions for over 1.3 million US taxable fixed income securities
  • 200,000 loan facilities, 2.3 million US municipal securities (1.2m live), non agency
  • CMO's, Asset Backed securities and 450,000 international bonds spanning all asset subtypes
  • Over 175 proprietary analytics providing a full view on each fixed-income instrument daily – including duration, convexity, OAS analytics and yield calculations
  • Global ratings data from over 20 top agencies including S&P, Moody's, Fitch, ICMA and Dominion Bond Ratings Service, and key regional agencies in Asia such as JCR


  • Global coverage including: Equities (stocks, ADRs, GDRs), Warrants (equity, index, basket), Funds (exchange-listed & ETF), Indices & Options
  • Options on Futures, Futures, Money and FX (forwards and swaps)
  • More than 3.2m securities worldwide:
    • Equities 300,000
    • Warrants 745,000
    • Indices 28,000
    • Funds 87,000
    • Options 880,000
    • Options on Futures 865,000
    • Futures 250,000
    • Money 57,000

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