Other Solutions

Gain Smarter Investment Insights: Thomson Reuters Investment Management

Uncovering gems of insights from seemingly endless data and research. Pinpointing the right opportunities. Getting your ideas to market faster in spite of tighter budgets and volatile markets. They’ve become business mandates for us all.

Thomson Reuters Investment Management Solutions deliver the unmatched content, analytics, and workflow tools you need to spot opportunities in a nanosecond and test your ideas with greater confidence. Which all leads to smarter investment insights and increased alpha. Find out more here.

Deal Making Community Solutions: Wealth Management Solutions

We offer solutions specifically designed around the end to end workflow of deal makers, that help you gain the critical insights and supporting data you need, alongside tools to increase your operational efficiency. This enables you to generate innovative ideas on capital raising and M&A for your clients and deliver greater value to your firm. Find out more here.

Right time data, whenever you need it

Our unique combination of direct exchange feeds, consolidated feeds, and market data distribution platform means you come to one supplier for all of your low latency data requirements.

All of our solutions are available through a number of deployment options including in-house deployed, fully managed and hosted. Find out more here.

Leading Fund Intelligence – Lipper Fund Data

Lipper's benchmarking and classifications are widely recognized as the industry standard by asset managers, fund companies and financial intermediaries. Our reliable fund data, fund awards designations and ratings information provide valued insight to advisors, media and individual investors. Find out more here.

Enabling Innovation – Thomson Reuters Elektron

Thomson Reuters Elektron is a cross-asset trading and data infrastructure that offers global low-latency market access, content and distribution with a fully integrated set of cutting edge trading applications, delivered as a managed service, across co-location and proximity hosting sites in the world’s key financial centers.

Elektron is designed to enable innovation no matter where you are geographically or where you sit in the value chain. Find out more here.

For information on all of Thomson Reuters products and services please visit thomsonreuters.com