The importance of having access to the worlds leading Commodoties and Energy data can't be overstated! If you are going to make any investment, trading or risk decisions - you need to make sure you have the best data available to you. Furthermore being able to take such data as a feed and combine it with additional content sets from across Thomson Reuters offers a powerful combination to any subscriber. 

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PLATTS Market Data provides independent price assessments, fundamentals, forward prices and a lot more for key contracts across the energy, petrochemicals, metals and agricultural markets. From a single source, you can access comprehensive commodities insight and transparency to make realistic valuations, manage risk more effectively, create robust trading strategies and spot opportunities.

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The following provides you with an outline of some of the key data items you can expect to find in this feed: 

  • Crude oil – price assessments, postings, yields and netbacks
  • Oil products – postings and price assessments, including netbacks, feedstock and blendstocks
  • Global derivatives – forward prices for oil, electricity, natural gas and coal
  • Shipping – clean and dirty tankers and bunker assessments
  • Coal – US and international price assessments, export prices and indexes
  • Electricity – European, North American and Latin American assessments and spark spreads
  • Emissions – global carbon, sulfur & nitrous oxides assessments
  • Natural Gas – European and North American price assessments
  • LNG – feedstock
  • + Much More

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If you would like to know more about our PLATTS Market Data offering, simply click here to speak with one of our specialists today.

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