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The breadth of our award winning market data including real-time, valuations, intra & end of day pricing is second to none. Our market data, is delivered from the world's primary exchanges, trading platforms and content partners. This data is used to power many of the systems that active financial markets participants use to trade, invest and comply with on a daily basis.

Our proprietary Thomson Reuters Pricing Service (TRPS) also offers subscribers access to evaluated pricing on illiquid, complex and OTC instruments where no active market price is available. In addition to our market data, our subcribers enjoy access to all the related reference and historical data they need to power their performance, OMS and trade reporting systems.

Examples of the market data sets we offer subcribers include information on over 5.1 million live records; 450 markets and seven million active quote records split across asset class; 162 spot prices, and cross rates for over 1500 currency pairs, over 90 forward prices for currencies vs. the US dollar; and time series content snapped post market close with 70 million price points snapped on a daily basis and much more.

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Thomson Reuters' listed pricing services provide cross asset pricing for over 8 million securities covered across 90 countries and +175 exchanges. Data is delivered multiple times per day including standard market snapshot times:

  • Intraday
  • Snapshot
  • End of day
  • Validated EOD Fund Nav


In the current volatile market, our prices offer proven reliability and consistency.


We are a completely independent third party pricing provider with no conflicts of interest since we do not originate, issue, trade, buy, sell or position these instruments.

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