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Outlined below are a series of interviews with differing thought leaders discussing a range of risk and regulatory matters impacting the PRD Community and how the industry is stepping up and meeting these challenges head-on! If you are dealing with a related challenge and would like to know if using PRD can help to solve your pain, then simply click here and ask to speak to one of our many specialists. Please note this page will update regularly and you should strongly consider bookmarking it for future use. If you would like to stay up to date on our YouTube playlist then please click here and subscribe.


The Challenges Facing Fair Value Pricing & Transparency

Jayme Fagas, Global Head of Valuations & Transparency, talks about the difficulties in valuing illiquid and OTC assets in accordance with IFRS and AIFMD, the challenges associated with valuations and transparency and the best practices associated in undertaking due diligence audits of data vendors.

The Pricing & Reference Data Marketplace

Marion Leslie, MD, Pricing & Reference Services at Thomson Reuters looks at the impact of regulations, the need for transparency and what the future holds for the pricing and reference data marketplace.

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